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PE Stretch Film

          1. Thickness: 0.017-0.03MM
          2. Width: 300MM 450MM 500MM
          3. Length: as your request
          4. Color: transparent/clear,black,green,and so on
          5. Net weight: on buyer's option
          6. Packing: cartons or pallets.
             1.100% New material and accept sample order.
             2.Preventing from water & dust Resistance to cold, heat and aging
             3.Easy to be pulled out and cut.
             4. Transparency and no drape and even thickness.
             5. Easy to use, can be recycled.
             1. High strength, high transparency and high gloss 
             2. High surface treatment 
             3. Excellent glue adhesion
            Goods and carton packaging, Pipe and cable packaging, Small items of packaging, Item sealed packaging, Packaging machines and Etc.
              1. Stretch film is frequently used to wrap, and it is ideal for bundling and unitizing a number of small, individual, irregular shaped items into  larger loads.
            2. Transparent films provide perfect clarity for scanning labels.
            3. Colored films are used for identifying, differentiating and color coding products when storage and shipping.
            4. Black films conceal shipments to defer theft and protect products from fading due to exposure to the sun.

Product Packing

we can packing with customers' require.