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Advantages of POF shrink film

POF is a kind of heat shrinkable film, which is mainly used for packaging products with regular and irregular shapes. Due to its non-toxic and environmental protection, high concentration, high shrinkage, good heat-seal performance, high gloss, strong effect, tear resistance, It has the characteristics of uniform heat shrinkage and suitable for automatic high-speed packaging. It is a replacement product of traditional PVC heat shrinkable film. It is widely dispersed in automotive supplies, plastic products, stationery, books, electronics, circuit boards, MP3, VCD, handicrafts, photo frames and other wooden products, toys , Pesticides, daily necessities, food, cosmetics, canned beverages, dairy products, medicine, cassettes and video tapes and other products.

1. With high transparency and good gloss, it can clearly display the appearance of the product, improve sensory awareness, and reflect high-grade.

2. Large shrinkage rate, up to 75%, good flexibility, can be packaged for any shape of goods, and the shrinkage force of the three-layer co-extruded film treated by a special process is controllable, which can meet the shrinkage force of different product packaging. Claim.

3. Good welding performance and high strength, suitable for manual, semi-automatic and high-speed automatic packaging.

4. It has good cold resistance and can maintain flexibility at -50°C without embrittlement. It is suitable for storage and transportation of the packaged materials in a cold environment.

5. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, in line with US FDA and USDA standards, and can be used for packaging food.