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Do You Know Advantages and Uses of PET Protective Film?

Do you know advantages and uses of PET protective film?

First of all, let's take a look at several common film materials: PE, that is, polyethylene, widely used in the field of protective film. Its characteristics are mainly: cheap, soft, good elongation, environmental protection and zero pollution. Generally this kind of products are based on the EU countries RoHS environmental pollution detection.The disadvantage is that the weather resistance is poor. This kind of material is not suitable for high temperature application, the general temperature is within 60 degrees.

PVC, polyethylene, its characteristics are: good flexibility, good weather resistance, but not environmental protection, so many international well-known brands are very rarely used in this kind of material products. This kind of product is mainly used for anti static protection more, also have wooden sound surface.

Now, let’s look PET.

PET, polyester film, has the characteristics of high cleanliness grade, high transmittance; easy to fit and detach, improve the automation technology assembly efficiency, reduce the rate of unqualified products. The material is silicone, the viscosity is very stable, no glue marks left on the surface of the product; Excellent cleanliness grade,1000 grade clean environment production and processing.

PET protective film is mainly used in the optical field. In the whole process of die-cutting, it is used for the surface protection of various electronic optical materials, such as the light guide plate in the computer mobile phone, the external diffusion film, the enhancement film and the polarized film protection; Optical film surface protection, glass film, anti-peeping film, OCA electronic optical adhesive; In the whole process of electronic packaging and die-cutting, it is used to protect all kinds of electronic and electrical components, such as LED lighting, mobile phone protective film, liquid crystal display, computer display screen and other products.