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    Advantages of POF shrink film

    POF is a kind of heat shrinkable film , which is mainly used for packaging products with regular and irregular shapes. Due to its non-toxic and environmental protection, high concentration, high shrinkage, good heat-seal performance, high g...

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    Do You Know Advantages and Uses of PET Protective Film?

    Do you know advantages and uses of PET protective film? First of all, lets take a look at several common film materials: PE, that is, polyethylene, widely used in the field of protective film. Its characteristics are mainly: cheap, soft, go...

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    What's the Difference of Environmental Protection PE Film?

    Stretch processing technology is a common technique in the production of film, mainly divided into two kinds of one-way and two-way stretching, and environmental protection PE film is the product after one-way stretching. That is, the heate...

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    Do You Know the Composition of BOPP Film?

    The main material used for BOPP film is homo-polymer polypropylene, a special material of BOPP grade. The isometric is about 97%, and the melt index is about 2.0g/10min. The polypropylene used in the initial stage of BOPP film production in...

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    Why is Heat Shrink Film Package So Popular in Bulk Goods?

    With the rapid growth of logistics and transportation demand, bulk products and pallets of goods have reached a very high proportion in shipping, sea transportation, high-speed railway and expressway transportation. In order to ensure the s...

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    What is Clear BOPP Film?

    BOPP is the abbreviation of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. Clear BOPP film also refers to Biaxially drawn Polypropylene. Production of clear BOPP film is made from polypropylene polymer melt through the long and narrow nose first sheet o...

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    Classification and Prospect of BOPP Functional Film

    China plastic association in the release of the plastic processing industry 12th Five-Year plan on the basis of the plastic processing industry, put forward the future of plastic processing technology progress guidance. The overall requireme...

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    Non-Woven Mask is the Best Prevention Way to COVID-19

    Japan has called on Fugaku, the worlds fastest supercomputer, to conclude that non-woven masks are more effective than other common masks at stopping COVID-19 from spreading through airborne droplets. Japans Fugaku supercomputer, which USES...