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    Why is stretch film widely used?

    PE stretch film (also known as wrap film) has high tensile strength, tear strength, and good self-adhesiveness, so that the object can be wrapped into a whole to prevent it from collapsing and falling during transportation. The film has exc...

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    Why more and more people use aluminum foil packaging

    The aluminized film is a process in which aluminum is melted and vaporized by electric resistance, high frequency or electron beam heating under high vacuum (10-4 mAb or more) to adhere to the surface of the film substrate to form a composi...

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    Introduction to the use of CPP film

    CPP protective film has very important practicality in various industries due to its unique advantages. More and more industries apply CPP protective film to packaging and engineering. CPP protective film includes CPP matte protective film,...

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    Introduction to the structure of stretch film winding machin

    Stretch film is a common packaging film in daily life, and the winder is an important part in the process of stretch film processing. As a professional stretch film manufacturer, I will introduce the structure of the stretch winder. 1, tens...

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    How to avoid stretching film aging

    Stretch film is a kind of plastic. Generally speaking, plastic is a kind of material which is easy to age. The quality and service life of plastic products are closely related to the aging of plastics. In order to avoid the aging of stretch...

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    Differences between PE film, PET film and PVC film

    PVC, PET, PE protective film are commonly used packaging films, and the three have different product properties. As a professional packaging film manufacturer, lets take a closer look at the differences between the three protective films so...

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    How to eliminate white spots on aluminized film?

    The aluminized film is coated with a layer of metal on the basis of the bottom mold. It is a high-grade film product in the protective film industry. Its use is mainly for the packaging of advanced batteries and lenses, especially some need...

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    Is there any static electricity in the stretch film?

    Stretch film is a packaging film that is often used in production and life. So many people will inevitably ask, is there any static electricity in the stretch film? How is static electricity generated? As a professional stretch film manufac...