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    Packaging film repair method

    Packaging film is widely used in the packaging of many export products. It is a very popular packaging product now, which also comes from its good use effect. When we use it, we sometimes encounter damage to the packaging film due to variou...

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    The reason why the gravure pe composite film is not dry

    The gravure pe composite film has a thick ink layer, so the problem of poor drying always exists. The printing feature of gravure printing is wet and wet. Although there is a long drying path, the ink of the previous color group is not dry...

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    The magical effect of cling film.

    Cling film is a kind of plastic packaging product, usually made of ethylene as a masterbatch by polymerization. It is mainly used in microwave food heating, refrigerator food preservation, fresh food and cooked food packaging, etc. in famil...

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    The difference between pof and pet heat shrink film

    The heat shrink film has good shrinkage and shrinkage stress is also good, which is more suitable for the sales and transportation process of the product. In the shrink film, the pof shrink film and the pet shrink film are two important cat...

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    Excellent performance of PE aluminized film

    As we all know, the aluminized film has a bright metallic luster, excellent gas and light barrier properties as well as good moisture, heat and puncture resistance. It can replace aluminum foil to a certain extent and is widely used in pack...

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    The difference between heat shrinkable film and stretch film

    Both the heat shrinkable film and the stretch film belong to the PE film, and both of them are outer protective film, but the two films are essentially different in use and production process. The following is a professional packaging film...

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    Medical non-woven fabric use precautions

    Due to its excellent performance, medical non-woven fabrics are increasingly used as packaging materials for sterilization articles in hospital disinfection supply centers. As the quality of medical supplies non-woven fabrics directly relat...

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    What are the advantages of non-woven fabrics?

    Non-woven fabrics , also known as non-woven fabrics, are made up of oriented or random fibers and are often used to make bags and medical supplies. Non-woven fabrics are welcomed by everyone because of their unique advantages. As a professi...