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What's the Difference of Environmental Protection PE Film?

Stretch processing technology is a common technique in the production of film, mainly divided into two kinds of one-way and two-way stretching, and environmental protection PE film is the product after one-way stretching.

That is, the heated state of the film lengthwise and transverse stretching, along a development direction (transverse) stretching action is unidirectional stretching. The environmental protection PE film after unidirectional high rate drawing has a unique excellent performance, the maximum characteristic is to achieve 100% recovery. In terms of physical properties, not only the mechanical strength is high, it has excellent kink, and the longitudinal tensile strength reaches more than 200MPa. Compared with PET and BOPP, they have the same tensile strength above 200MPa.

In terms of elongation, the elongation of environmental protection PE film is less than 100, which means that it will not be stretched during printing. Similarly, compared with PET and BOPP in machine printing, the performance of the two is very close.

At the same time, the environmental protection PE modulus is greater than 1200MPa. In terms of optical properties, if the PE is not stretched, the fog must be more than 10 and the gloss must be less than 80, but the environmental protection PE after uniaxial stretching is 2-3 and the gloss is greater than 100. These indicators are very close to PET, BOPP and nylon.

Not only that, compared with other films, the unidirectional environmental protection PE film also has a unique performance - straight line is easy to tear, so that it is easy to tear, and there will be no jagged, which is far better than other films in terms of performance, printing and experience.