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Do You Know the Composition of BOPP Film?

The main material used for BOPP film is homo-polymer polypropylene, a special material of BOPP grade. The isometric is about 97%, and the melt index is about 2.0g/10min.

The polypropylene used in the initial stage of BOPP film production in China is mainly imported. At present, it is basically produced domestically. Functional additives are used in BOPP film, and the amount of BOPP functional additives added is small, generally thousands of PPM.

In the production process, it is impossible to mix a small amount of auxiliary agents with a large amount of polypropylene, as in the production of CPP or blow molding film. Therefore, in practical production applications, a variety of auxiliary agents are usually mixed with polypropylene in a certain proportion to make the master material, and then the master material is put into production to increase the dispersity and uniformity of the auxiliary agent.

There are many kinds of BOPP functional additive master-batches, including anti-static master-batches, smooth master-batches, stiffening master-batches, anti-reflection master-batches, pearl master-batches, whitening master-batches, anti-adhesion master-batches, synthetic paper master-batches, anti-fog droplet master-batches, matting master-batches, anti-oxidation master-batches, etc. Among them: 1. The anti-static agent used in the base material is mostly the compound of glyceryl monostearate and ethoxylamine. The action mechanism of anti-static agent is as follows: the compatibility of anti-static agent in polypropylene is increased by the interaction between the oleophilic group in organic matter and polypropylene. On the other hand, the hydrophilic group in the anti-static agent interacts with the water in the air to eliminate the static charge accumulated on the surface of the film.

2. BOPP film slide-increasing master-batch is made by mixing lubricant and polypropylene in a certain proportion through a single screw or double screw extruder. In the production of BOPP film, the main lubricants used are erucic acid amide, oleic acid amide, ethylene double stearate amide and silicone lubricants. Erucic amide and oleic amide have good external lubricity. Erucic amide has better high-temperature resistance than oleic amide, and the decomposition temperature is up to 220℃. It is more suitable for the production of polypropylene master-batch and BOPP film.

3. Stiffening master-batch is a kind of modified material, which is made of homo-polymer polypropylene mixed with modified stiffening material in a certain proportion. At present, there are two kinds of stiffening materials: 1) Terpenoids synthesized from natural turpentine oil and orange oil; 2) Hydrocarbon polymers.

4. The main components of the anti-reflection base material are polypropylene and anti-reflection agent. At present, dibenzylidene sorbitol organics are the main anti-reflection agents used in the international market. The anti-reflection mechanism is to make the crystal size of polypropylene crystal fine by changing the crystal shape, so as to increase the transparency of the product. Anti-reflection agent is another nucleating agent, it can promote the rapid crystallization of polypropylene, which is beneficial to improve the rigidity of products, surface gloss, thermal deformation temperature and other physical and mechanical properties.

5. Pearl master-batch is a very important additive for the production of pearl BOPP film. Its main components are polypropylene, ultra-fine calcium carbonate particles and other auxiliaries.

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