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Why is Heat Shrink Film Package So Popular in Bulk Goods?

With the rapid growth of logistics and transportation demand, bulk products and pallets of goods have reached a very high proportion in shipping, sea transportation, high-speed railway and expressway transportation. In order to ensure the safety of the delivery of goods pallets and bulk products and avoid the risk of goods scattering and dampness, box pallets and heat shrink film are usually used for packaging protection.

Box pallets have a strong capacity to carry objects, but they increase the cost of manufacturing and transportation. The heat shrink film is the pursuit of economic and lightweight packaging and transportation protection of the new mode, in order to ensure the safe transportation of goods can also greatly reduce the cost.

Heat shrink film is made of various thermoplastic films, which are widely used in food, beverage, electronics, stationery, books or commemorative labels and other packaging. Initially, PVC shrink film is the main material. With the continuous development of market demand, all kinds of PE, PP, PET, OPP, PVDC, POF and other materials of heat shrink film are also presented.

Heat shrink film received the majority of welcome, and also become the ideal choice of bulk goods packaging because of economical, light and flexible.