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Classification and Prospect of BOPP Functional Film

China plastic association in the release of the plastic processing industry "12th Five-Year plan" on the basis of the plastic processing industry, put forward the future of plastic processing technology progress guidance.
The overall requirements of the guidelines are to thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Conference on Science and Technology Innovation, adhere to the principle of "independent innovation, key trans-regional, support development, lead the future";
We will accelerate and improve the construction of an innovation system in the plastic processing industry with enterprises as the main body and independent innovation as the main line.
We will promote the transformation of the development mode of the plastic processing industry, optimize the structural adjustment, comprehensively improve the quality of the industry, realize the strategic goal of high-end development of the industrial chain and products, and promote the strategic transfer of the plastic processing industry from a large to a strong one.
In the BOPP industry, the most important aspect of technology research and development is to strengthen the research and development of functional films, attach great importance to and vigorously carry out the research of "functional" technology and nanomaterials and technology.
Functional film is an important part of new materials in the 21st century. Various filtration films, ultrafiltration films, seawater desalination, caustic soda, sewage treatment and food and medicine industries have been widely used.
The back film and EVA plastic mould in solar photovoltaic power generation, the lithium ion and nickel metal hydride cell film in new energy cells, the diffusion film, prism film, composite film, optical film in flat panel display, as well as the electrical insulation, semiconductor and microelectronic film and so on, are urgently needed and widely used in China's new materials.
At present, these functional film need to be imported in large quantities.
Function is an important feature of the downstream market segments particularly strong pertinence, technical difficulty is big, the current in material handling, impurity removal, thin film materials and composite research, to speed up the technology, talent, capital and other innovative elements gathered themselves together, and choose the right direction and priorities, both to more and more to do my best, to new achievements on the function of film development.
At the same time, the differentiation strategy should be implemented to strengthen the in-depth development of ordinary printing film, viscose tape film, tobacco film, heat seal film, extinction film, pearlite film and other products, and improve the product grade.
At present, there are several common BOPP functional films in China:
BOPP Antibacterial film
Antibacterial BOPP film is made of polypropylene masterbatch by assembling the optimized antibacterial functional group on the basic resin polypropylene molecule of BOPP film using molecular assembly technology.
During the manufacture of BOPP film, the master granules are added into the excipients at a certain proportion in the surface layer of the film or the surface layer of food, drugs and drinks, and then formed by two-way stretching of the extruder, so that the BOPP film has antibacterial and bactericidal effect in the surface layer of food, drinks and drugs.
Antibacterial BOPP film also has the following significant characteristics: efficient broad-spectrum antibacterial property.
Because the antibacterial masterbatch has good compatibility with polypropylene resin, and the assembly rate of antibacterial functional group is controlled by technological adjustment, the antibacterial functional group can be distributed in the antibacterial film layer in the size of nanometer, so that it has efficient antibacterial effect and has excellent inhibitory effect on a variety of harmful bacteria and molds.
Capacitance film
Polypropylene film is the most important raw material for the film capacitor, and about 70% of the cost of film capacitor, the capacitor is a kind of basic electronic components, widely used in the various fields of national economy, including home appliances, energy-saving lamps and lanterns, hybrid cars, wind power, solar power generation, railway electrification, railway locomotive and energy-saving lamps and lanterns, and many other industries.
Synthetic paper
BOPP synthetic paper is a multi-functional material with the characteristics of plastic and paper, which is mainly made of polypropylene resin and inorganic filler through multi-layer co-extrusion and bidirectional tensile processing.
It is a new plastic material products, but also a kind of environmental protection products.
It has the characteristics of light specific gravity, high strength, tear resistance, good printing, light blocking, uv resistance, durability, economy and environmental protection.
Because the production process of synthetic paper is pollution-free, it can be 100% recycled and recycled, which is a major reform of modern paper production.
Anti-fog film
Food preservation and fruit packing due to its own water and water droplets formed in the frozen air, easy to form more water droplets on the packaging film, that is, the phenomenon of "condensation".
Dewatering creates favorable conditions for the rapid propagation and growth of microorganisms, especially for fruits and vegetables damaged by machinery, which are more likely to cause decomposition.
BOPP antifogging film is a new material developed rapidly in the world, which is mainly used for packaging fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, edible fungi and so on.
Laser holographic basement membrane
BOPP laser holographic film, also known as laser film, it is a laser holographic image molded into the BOPP film.
Laser holographic film not only has strong surface decorative effect, and with its good security, high technology content in anti-counterfeiting packaging plays a more and more important role, is widely used in light industry, medicine, food, tobacco, cosmetics, electronic industry trademarks, marketable securities, confidential CARDS and luxurious handicraft anti-counterfeiting, and decoration, etc.
BOPP laser holographic film is divided into anodized bronzing transfer and non - transfer.
Anodized bronzing transfer type, is after the die aluminum coating and cardboard composite peeling transfer printing processing, or with hot sealing film composite peeling transfer.
Non - transfer laser holographic film is molded or aluminized after molding, combined with paper products, film or directly used in tobacco bags, wine boxes, packaging boxes, food bags, gift bags, drawing film, Christmas supplies, etc.
Heat seal film (smoke film)
Heat sealing film is one of the basic varieties of BOPP film, which is mainly used for printing, compound bag-making or wrapping.
It is divided into one-side and two-side thermal sealing films.
Single side heat sealing film, after printing pattern in non-heat sealing layer, compound with PE, BOPP and aluminum foil to make bag, used for packaging food, tea, beverage and so on.
Double-sided heat seal film direct heat seal molding packaging food, textiles, audio and video products, poker, etc.
All of these require the film to have good heat sealing performance.
In 2014, the global market value of specialty thin films reached us $23.5 billion, and by the end of 2018, it will continue to increase at the current growth rate of 5%, reaching US $29.1 billion.
At present, the types of special films on the market are very wide, and its personalized and multifunctional features bring more added value to consumers.
The market potential of functional films is huge. If the film factory can overcome the difficulties in raw materials and technology to develop functional films, it will bring great business opportunities.