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The magical effect of cling film.

Cling film is a kind of plastic packaging product, usually made of ethylene as a masterbatch by polymerization. It is mainly used in microwave food heating, refrigerator food preservation, fresh food and cooked food packaging, etc. in family life, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. Industrial production of food packaging has a wide range of applications. Different types of wrap films are available in different types depending on the materials used and the addition of plasticizers. Preservative film has been favored by people for its convenience, economy and aesthetics. In fact, in addition to fresh food, plastic wrap has many other magical effects. The following is a professional plastic wrap manufacturer to share with you the magical effect of cling film.
1. Clean oily kitchen windows and walls
First, the cleaning agent is sprayed onto the oil stain, and then the plastic wrap is evenly attached to the top, and the cling film is used to preserve the moisture, so that the detergent does not flow and is not volatile. After 30 minutes, the grease stains down, and the wrap film is uncovered. Knead the cling film into a ball, wipe it back and forth easily, and then wipe it with a dry newspaper. It is very clean. You can also wipe it again with a clean cloth.
2. Custody information
The paper materials that are more important in the family, such as the graduation certificate, are wrapped with plastic wrap, and the air is forced to reduce the volume, making it difficult to oxidize and turn yellow, and the transparent plastic wrap is easy to find inside. It is also possible to compactly roll up a single piece of information, such as a certificate, a group graduation photo, etc., into a core of plastic wrap, and then wrap it in plastic wrap.
3, save the tableware not often used
Tableware or spoons and forks that are rarely used in normal times can be wrapped in plastic wrap, which does not occupy the place and can be kept clean to prevent shock and damage. At the time of the picnic, put the plastic wrap on the tableware, and then disengage them one by one, no washing and clean.
4, care for dry skin and hair
When winter comes, the heel sometimes has a splitting effect. After bathing, apply lotion on the heel, stick a small piece of plastic wrap, and put on the socks. The heel skin will become moisturized the next day. Of course, the skin in other parts of the body can be treated in the same way. After shampooing, apply evenly on the hair to nourish the hair mask, avoid developing the root part, and wrap the hair with plastic wrap, which is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients. After 10 minutes (or according to the time on the mask), the hair will be smooth and shiny. Before going to bed, do lip exfoliation, first apply a layer of lip balm or vaseline after a few minutes of hot compressing the lips. Then cover the lips with plastic wrap and then apply a hot towel to have a pink lips.
The above is just a few of the wonderful uses of wrap film for everyone. I hope that everyone can use the cling film flexibly in their daily life to make it play a bigger role.