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The difference between pof and pet heat shrink film

The heat shrink film has good shrinkage and shrinkage stress is also good, which is more suitable for the sales and transportation process of the product. In the shrink film, the pof shrink film and the pet shrink film are two important categories. What is the difference between these two products? Let me share it for you.
The pof heat shrink film is mainly processed by plasticizing extrusion process, which has low packaging cost and is widely used. The pof shrink film is flexible and easy to use, and can be used to package products of various shapes. In addition, its transparency is better, which enables people to understand the product more clearly, and has better sealing performance. It is suitable for manual and high-speed automatic packaging. The shrinkage rate of pof shrink film is very large, which can be very good for the product. Good strapping is more suitable for collection and packaging of multiple items.
Pet heat shrink film is a new type of packaging material. Its main feature is that it can be recycled, so it also reduces people's waste. It is more environmentally friendly. Pet shrink film can be mainly used for beverage or beverage packaging and beverages. The bottle is used in conjunction with the pet shrink film for easy recycling.
The difference between the two is for everyone, I don’t know if you understand it? We are a professional pof shrink film manufacturer, welcome to come to consult and purchase.