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Introduction to the use of CPP film

CPP protective film has very important practicality in various industries due to its unique advantages. More and more industries apply CPP protective film to packaging and engineering. CPP protective film includes CPP matte protective film, CPP transparent protective film, CPP matt protective film, CPP co-extruded composite film, etc., various types of protective film are applicable to various industries. As a professional packaging film manufacturer, I will introduce you to the main uses of CPP film.
 Use of CPP protective film in medical industry:
The production line is required to be installed in a sterile room to prevent the product from being contaminated in any form and without the hygienic properties of the migration of harmful substances. After aluminum plating, it is combined with BOPP, PET, BOPA, etc. as a package for tablets or powder medicines; and is co-extruded with high-barrier materials such as EVOH to produce infusion bags, blood collection bags, and the like.
Pesticide package CPP protective film use:
By modifying and using special materials, the solvent resistance, heat seal strength and impact strength of CPP film are greatly improved. It is applied to the packaging of pesticides such as emulsifiable concentrate. The usual flexible packaging structure is CPP/AL/BOPET and CPP/PET aluminized/ BOPET.
Composite film formed by co-extrusion of CPP protective film and PE:
The modified production of CPP film can directly use LDPE and other film materials for extrusion and compounding, which not only ensures the fastness of extrusion and reduces the cost of compounding.
High transparent flexible film processed with CPP protective film as substrate
By using co-extrusion and blending technology, CPP protective film has high transparency, high impact resistance, extremely soft hand feeling, excellent puncture resistance and low temperature resistance, mainly used for food packaging after refrigerating storage after cooking. It is also used in packaging for high-end clothing, T-shirts and underwear, and can also be used for other heavy packaging.
CPP protective film can be processed into biodegradable film, its use:
The CPP degradation film produced by the production of the degradation masterbatch is added to the PP, and is naturally degraded to inorganic substances and absorbed by the soil after being buried under natural conditions for about 7 months to 12 months. At present, some European companies have successfully developed such masterbatch, and some domestic cast film plants are testing.