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Introduction to the structure of stretch film winding machin

Stretch film is a common packaging film in daily life, and the winder is an important part in the process of stretch film processing. As a professional stretch film manufacturer, I will introduce the structure of the stretch winder.
1, tension detecting roller
 The roller is the main component for controlling the reasonable tension of the stretch film. Generally, the tension of the stretched film is detected by a pressure sensor under the bearing at both ends of the tension roller, and the detected signal passes through the electronic circuit to control the rotation speed of the winding motor. Ensure proper winding tension.
 2, flattening roller
 The stretched film is flattened to eliminate some longitudinal wrinkles produced by the stretched film under tensile stress. 3, tracking roller
 A tracking roller (also called a pinch roller) capable of changing position is arranged in front of the winding core of the winder, and its main function is to press the stretch film against the winding core to carry out contact winding or small gap. The roll is used to quickly transfer the flat stretch film to the core to achieve the purpose of flat winding. At the same time, a certain pressure is applied to the mother roll by means of the tracking roller, and the air between the film layers at the time of winding is removed in time, so that the mother roll does not become loose. Generally, the air content in the parent roll after the use of the tracking roller can be reduced to 12% to 18%. 4, winding roller
Driven by the winding motor, the control system of the winding speed is connected to the drive system of the stretching machine, synchronized with the stretching machine, and controlled by the feedback of the tension controller.
 5, turntable and empty core
When the stretch film is wound up with a mandrel, the core is not allowed to be replaced, so the turntable is turned back to 180°, the parent roll is turned away, the empty core enters the winding position, and then the stretched film is cut, and the stretch film is attached. On the new core, continue with the winding.