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Differences between PE film, PET film and PVC film

PVC, PET, PE protective film are commonly used packaging films, and the three have different product properties. As a professional packaging film manufacturer, let's take a closer look at the differences between the three protective films so that we can make different choices in use:
PET-polyester (PET protective film)
Advantages: good weather resistance, high temperature resistance of 100-150 degrees, good hardness and smoothness;
Disadvantages: Cannot be used on products with angles or corners.
Use: Mainly use die cutting.
PE-polyethylene (PE protective film)
Advantages: low price, soft, good extension, environmental protection and no pollution, generally such products have passed the EU ROHS environmental pollution test.
Disadvantages: poor weather resistance.
Use: This material is not suitable for use at high temperatures, generally within 60 degrees, widely used in the protective film industry.
PVC-polyvinyl chloride (PVC protective film)
Advantages: good flexibility and good weather resistance (SPVC);
Disadvantages: Not environmentally friendly, so many of the major international brands rarely use this material.
Use: This product is mainly used for anti-static protection, as well as wooden speaker surface.
The performance of the three films is introduced above, and you can purchase them in a targeted manner.learn more about packing film.