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Is there any static electricity in the stretch film?

Stretch film is a packaging film that is often used in production and life. So many people will inevitably ask, is there any static electricity in the stretch film? How is static electricity generated? As a professional stretch film manufacturer, we will introduce you how to solve the static problem.
First, the stretch film truly have static electricity. If it is not handled properly, it will seriously affect the processing and product quality. There are several main reasons for generating static electricity:
1. Static electricity generated when producing stretched film
Because the particles rub against each other, the friction between the melt and the die, the film is wound up and the guide roller is rubbed, causing the stretched film to generate static electricity at the time of shipment. Therefore, our company added an antistatic agent to the film production process to eliminate this part of the static electricity. It should be said that this effect is still very good. Antistatic agents are surfactants in which the molecule contains polar hydrophilic groups and non-polar oleophilic groups. The lipophilic group has a certain compatibility with the plastic. The hydrophilic group can ionize or adsorb the moisture in the air, forming a thin conductive layer on the surface of the film to leak the charge, thereby achieving the purpose of eliminating static electricity.

2. Static electricity generated during printing, compounding, slitting and bag making
The film generates static electricity due to friction between the stretch film and the guide roller, friction of the film running at high speed, and dry air. This part of the static electricity has the greatest impact on production, and if it can not be effectively eliminated, it will have a great impact on the post-processing process. In general, it is effective to use a superconducting electrostatic brush (contact elimination), which is a method of contacting a film, and the generated static electricity is derived by grounding the brush with a low resistance (1 m wide resistance less than 1). solve this problem. It is also possible to use an ion generator in which the generated ions are blown onto the film in the form of wind (non-contact type). However, in actual operation, the ionic gas eliminates the static electricity carried by the film, and it is found that the running film also carries a part of the air ions in the air to enter the winding.

3. Static electricity generated by the finished film on the automatic packaging machine
The friction between the finished film and the device guide roller and the film itself are not completely eliminated. The automatic packaging is difficult and the required contents are sensitive to static electricity. In this case, the above method can also be used to eliminate static electricity. The most effective way is to eliminate it by using a superconducting electrostatic brush.
It can be seen that the stretch film does have static electricity, so at this time, the antistatic stretch film produced by our company is superior in performance to the general stretched film, and the static electricity is sufficiently avoided to cause unnecessary trouble.